London Escorts Reviews

This week we received a great set of feedback from Deucalion from Spain who was traveling to London last week. He searched online via his iPhone on the Safari browser, which shows google results and while searching for the best London escorts. He checked the first 5 and noticed that most escorts advertised were actually not present. He changed his search afterwards and tried searching for premium London escorts, and while checking the top 5 results he noticed that the first 4 were having similar results and while calling to check on the fifth one he finally managed to concede on his goal to find a luxury London escort. Her name was Kim, and she can be found at the Ma’Lovee Escorts Agency in Central London.

He also shared his review about this agency on, which was a 5 star review and can be viewed at Ma’Lovee Escorts Agency Trustpilot Review and there is one of the reviews and story of our happy clients :

I want to share with you a short story from the weekend. I had a great time with my nephew, which I had to watch over for a couple of days.
My sister went to a wedding so I was really happy to spend time with this little guy. He is the smartest 5 years old I have ever met. And so funny, oh my god. I am pretty sure he got that from me. Also the good looks.
The best time I have with him is in the park. So many girls are smiling at me, thinking he is my kid. I do not know why women are so attracted to dads in parks, but no matter the reason, I am always happy to smile back.
So we planned a picnic in the park. We bought everything we needed and off we went.
Perfect 15 degrees, sunny, no wind, park packed with dogs running, children, old people, bikers, skaters, everybody was there.
We found a nice spot under this huge tree and we sat down.
I place the food on the mat, and we started to enjoy our food. Lucky enough on our right, 3 feet away, 5 amazing-looking girls and a dog. They were also chilling, having snacks, laughing, speaking Russian, I guess.
One of them kept starring at us and smiling all the time. From what I figure out the girl starring at us, was the owner of the dog.
Boy and dog, instant connection, the dog ended up on our mat, sniffing the food, licking my nephew. He was laughing like crazy, they were both so happy, started to run around, playing…
She was calling the dog, I was calling my nephew. We started to talk. She was curious if am married, how old John is, where is his mom… I play along and said that John’s my son, but I am divorced. She was a single mom also, her daughter was 6, her dad left them where Anna was only a few months old.
We really click and I have asked her if she wants to go out sometimes. We exchanged phone numbers and planned to meet up Sunday evening for early dinner.
I was so excited, I just had a perfect Saturday with my nephew, he was happy, and I ended up with a date.
Sunday afternoon, my sis came and took John home, just in time so I can prepare myself for the date.
Had a quick shower, shaved, put on a nice short, and I went to pick her up.
She was wearing this baby blue dress, her dark hair, lose this time, was running on her shoulders, the blue eyes were even bluer because of that dress, her white skin, perfect teeth, full lips, I must admit she took my breath away.
We got to this really nice small restaurant, order our drinks and while we were waiting for our food, we started to share our life’s story.
Mine was pretty boring, normal family, one sister, school, uni, working in the city… I also admitted John is not my son, but I wanted so much to take her out, that I just went with the little lie. We laughed and she started to tell me her story.
I have never imagined a beautiful woman like her, who could have just a hard and interesting life.
She was born in Russian and lived there all her life. She moved to London 7 years ago. Her daughter’s dad was a bouncer, also Russian. They dated while she was working as a waiter in the same club he was working. She got pregnant and he left her, 3 months after she gave birth.
He just left, living her with a newborn, no money whatsoever. She had to pay rent, food, and everything a newborn is in need of.
A couple of months her girlfriends helped her with money, but one day, she didn t even had the money for the nappies.
She had to do something about it. Most of her girlfriends were escorts. So, it was easy for her to transition to this kind of work. She knew everything about it, she heard so many stories, she had no other choice, but to do it.
I was shocked! At one point I wanted to stand up and leave, but I thought, why not? At least this time I don’t have to pay for sex, I will get it for free. She started to explain to me how much money London escorts make per month. I have to admit, she was making more money than I do, so…
She only did it for 6 months and opened her own agency. Now she has her own house in Belgravia, a full-time nanny, a nice Porche, designer clothes, nice vacations. Her life is pretty much settled. I’m not sure I agree with this job, but I have to admit I’m a bit jealous of how much money she makes with such a little effort. She told me to spread the word amongst my friends and that maybe we can have some private parties together.
Sounds amazing, I love escorts and I might get some huge discounts or freebies…
I can’t stop wonder how many of the women I meet every day are involved in this business, how many of them are escorts, how many have a sugar daddy, how many women I dated, and maybe we’re doing the same thing.
I guess as long as a woman is happy with the way she makes money, who am I to judge? Let’s just enjoy ourselves, no matter if she is an escort, a madame, or a woman who has a sugar daddy. If she is fucking you for free, that’s all I want!