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The service has been launched this year 2020, as a solution for eliminating experiences as “bad encounter” with a London escort.

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But let us start with more interesting facts that I’m sure all of you would like to know. I was in London last week for a business trip. These days is very hard to travel altogether, and it’s even harder to meet and hang out with someone during those long and boring days between the meetings.

So, in my free time i had nothing much to do so ive decided to look for some fun and how to spend some quality time while im here.

And as usual goes, visiting bars and clubs I had to scratch from the list. Everything is closed and under lockdown. But…I’ve founded holly grail. Purely by accident, I met this girl in the supermarket when we hit each other with the cart, which was the perfect opportunity to start the conversation. Good looking girl, probably bored as hell same as I was.

I made a joke and invited her for a coffee to go in front of the supermarket where we started to talk funny stuff. She told me that she works as a high-class escort and my brain started to spin around and crazy ideas started to occupy my brain. Being in a hurry, she just slipped a piece of paper in my hand and said bye-bye.

Curious as I always am I look at the paper with the description of how to find her. It made perfect sense, all I had to do is to go to London Escorts and look for her, after that I just had to make a booking with her and adventure was on the way. I got her number after I logged in and I gave her a call. I had the feeling that she was waiting for me to call. It felt so easy and natural. Small details were arranged and I was already in the taxi with her address on my phone. Suer excited I arrived and I was standing in front of her door and getting ready to knock on the heavens door. A few seconds after, I heard the lock opening and I saw her even more beautiful than when I saw her for the first time. She took my hand and led the way into the living room, a very antique look and decorated with a lot of taste. Glass of red wine was already in my hand and I started to notice small sexy details on her that kicked me off in the right way. So discreet yet very naughty and provocative. I could write about it for an hour, however, I will keep you waiting till I made my next post so stay alerted and keep it real. In the meantime visit London Escorts and get an adventure of your own.